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Misguided Prosecutions and Washington "Gaffes"

The Supreme Court, Salman, and Insider Trading: Why Stock Tips Make Bad Stocking Stuffers

The Emoluments Clause, Bribery, and President Trump

In Defense of the Grand Jury (Part 3): Disclosure of Exculpatory Information

One Angry Man: Supreme Court Confronts Racial Bias in Jury Deliberations

When Is Fraud Involving a Bank Not Bank Fraud? Shaw v. United States

The Definition of Fraud

White Collar Crime, Prosecutorial Discretion, and the Supreme Court

Update: Rod Blagojevich's Original Sentence Unchanged at Resentencing

Third Circuit Rejects Senator Menendez Speech or Debate Claims

The Bob McDonnell Case May Have Been Won Months Before Trial

Supreme Court Narrows Federal Bribery Law in a Win for Bob McDonnell

Supreme Court Affirms Expansive Federal Criminal Jurisdiction in Taylor

In Defense of the Grand Jury (Part 2): Grand Jury Secrecy

Extortion Distortion: Ocasio v. United States

Supreme Court May Use the Bob McDonnell Case to Limit Federal Corruption Laws

Update: Former Speaker Dennis Hastert Sentenced to 15 Months in Prison

Corporate Crime, Prosecutorial Discretion, and Separation of Powers: U.S. v. Fokker Services

Supreme Court Rejects Rod Blagojevich's Appeal: Monty Python and Public Corruption

In Defense of the Grand Jury (Part 1): The Guilty Ham Sandwich

Backyard Weed and Federal Criminal Jurisdiction: Taylor v. United States

The Impact of Justice Scalia's Death on the Bob McDonnell Case

The Ongoing Legal Saga of Martin Shkreli

Supreme Court Agrees to Clarify the Law of Insider Trading

Why the Supreme Court Should Not Take Bob McDonnell's Case