Great post. Yet, not really sufficient. I am not really persuaded here with all due respect:

The respectable author of the post, tells us, that while or when the system encounters conflict of interests, it should appoint special counsel. That is to say, that such conflict exists. Can exist. It does bear meaning then apparently. So:

If a special counsel is appointed, then we have certain sort of loophole here. For, even special counsel appointed, would bear or be labeled in terms of political affiliation. And indeed, Muller at the time, was indeed a republican.

If such appointment, is made only due to appearance issues, this is one thing. Yet, if because of substantial reasons, then, the whole approach, should change, and, fundamentally so:

The right approach, is that the system, must educate the public, that political affiliation, is meaningless. Why? because those guys are professionals. They must act so. They are bound by law and regulations. Not by their personal and capricious and arbitrary choices.

And how the public would be persuaded that it is so:

Not at all easy task. Yet:

Indictment, must reach the court finally. And one prosecutor, can't typically, waste time on senseless and baseless accusations. Also:

As mentioned in the post, yet, not sufficiently further elaborated:

Reasoning. Explanation. Such decision of special counsel, would have to become transparent. So, can easily be refuted as nonsense if it is politically motivated.

On the contrary sometimes. When one professional, is labeled so, he can become meticulously cautious for distancing himself from such stigmatic public perception.

The best illustration, would be judges at the federal system. Trump, appointed at the time, record number of judges in the federal system. Yet, too many times, they have failed him. And the peak:

Well, the "stolen election" so called. Non of his judges, could do something. On the contrary, they all rejected any motion almost, as baseless. Lacking basic evidence.

So, that is how, one should educate the public. Not an easy task at all. Yet, easy or difficult, is surly secondary, to the critical necessity. Surly, when society is so polarized in political terms.

Here for example, titled:

"Trump-Appointed Judges Balk at President’s Efforts to Overturn Election"



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