Good post, thanks. And congratulations on your daughter's wedding. The indictment was made public the very day of my son's high school graduation (since he was mostly off with his friends, I still had time to read it.)

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Congratulations and many thanks for a well-written, easily understood summation of the case against Mr. Trump and its associated legal issues. I can only hope the American public will take the time to examine the facts related to this milestone prosecution in order to see through partisan political support. Some legal proceedings are never cut and dried. Others that are well documented can be abundantly clear. Given the description of charges you’ve outlined, I believe the defense can legally dodge the truth for only so long before the evidence supporting these charges demonstrates Trump’s guilt.

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Jun 16, 2023·edited Jun 16, 2023

Thanks and congrats, Randall. And, I agree, it was a good day for the rule of law. Only dispute here is in response to the claim that "like cases are treated alike" and were true to Garland's ideal that "There is. . . not one rule for the powerful and another for the powerless.” I know that Reality Winner's attorney begs to differ (https://twitter.com/allinwithchris/status/1669144195058003968) and it's difficult to dispute her point. Anna Bower of Lawfare (https://www.lawfareblog.com/what-actually-happened-trumps-arraignment) similarly points out how Trump received treatment from DoJ that no others who committed the same crime would have received.

I'm not saying there weren't arguably justifiable reasons for it. But Trump has received MUCH more of an advantage in this case than I or you would have, had we stolen hundreds of classified documents, refused to give them back, conspired to prevent the government from retrieving them, and tried to get our lawyer to commit crimes on our behalf.

For one, each of us would be IN jail right now, pending the trial.

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Great post.

Speaking of comparison between Trump, Hilary, Pence etc.... Worth mentioning some facts been mentioned in the indictment. I quote:

"Between January 2021 and August 2022,The Mar-a-Lago Club hosted more than 150 social events, including weddings ,movie premieres, and fundraisers that together drew tens of thousands of guests."

So, also great difference in this regard. Because so many visitors and guests, could accidently or not, encounter such astonishing accessible "trophy" and use it of course for too many illicit purposes (leaking it. selling it, etc.... who knows).

Also, those classified documents kept by him, meant also for being used for personal use or purposes ( like that meeting described in the indictment, with certain writer, writing it seems book on him or on his biography etc....).


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