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I suppose there are people who don't follow the news, but I wonder how many rocks will need to be turned over in this polarized country to find a fair and impartial jury in any of these cases. Thanks for the insight.

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This is good stuff, Randall, thanks. The superseding indictment presented facts that everyone can understand. The crime "willful retention of documents" wasn't one people were familiar with and his defenses could muddy the waters for people who didn't want to spend the time to think it all through.

But everyone understands the significance of "Trump received a subpoena for security footage and within hours told his staff to delete the footage."

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With so many indictments and assuming he loses one or more of the cases against him; it seems like Trump will serve some jail time. Wonder if winning the election will, by necessity, mean he will get work release. At least during the work week

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He may not be acquitted, but he'll never be convicted.

See my article in Substack.


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