Sitemap - 2015 - Sidebars

Analyzing the Indictment of Martin Shkreli

DOJ Doubles Down on the FIFA Indictment

Cover-up Crimes

Prosecutors and the Spiderman Principle

Ocasio v. United States: The Supreme Court Confronts the Blurred Line between Bribery and Extortion

Rod Blagojevich, Bob McDonnell, and the Nature of Corruption

Flying the Too-Friendly Skies: The Investigation of United Airlines

Welcome to New Jersey: The Gloves Come Off in the Senator Menendez Prosecution

Bob and Maureen McDonnell: Running Out of Legal Options

DOJ Releases Report on Subpoenas and Search Warrants Directed at Journalists

Government Seeks Supreme Court Review of Landmark Insider Trading Case

Senator Menendez and the Speech or Debate Clause

The Ongoing Debate Over the Reporter's Privilege

From Speaker to Smurf: Examining the Charges Against Dennis Hastert

Elonis v. United States: The Supreme Court Weighs In on Prosecuting Online Threats

Charges and Issues in the FIFA Indictment

Sentencing Leakers: David Petraeus vs. Jeffrey Sterling

The Key Issues in Bob McDonnell's Appeal

The New Sentencing Guideline for Fraud Cases

Barry Bonds Obstruction Case Splinters the Ninth Circuit

Contempt of Congress

Oregon's First Lady Cylvia Hayes and the Law of Honest Services Fraud

Analyzing the Indictment of Senator Bob Menendez

Federal Prosecution of State and Local Corruption: From Sea to Shining Sea

"What's Taking So Long?" Former DC Mayor Vincent Gray and the Pace of White Collar Investigations

The Supreme Court in Yates: The Wrong Response to Overcriminalization

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber: What the Federal Grand Jury Investigation Means

What to Expect at Maureen McDonnell's Sentencing

Yates v. United States and the Problem of Overcriminalization

Maureen McDonnell and Obstruction of Justice

Jeffrey Sterling, James Risen, and Prosecuting Leakers: Lessons from the Sterling Trial

Why Bob McDonnell Was Convicted of Extortion

The Crisis in Corporate Criminal Liability

Five Key Questions That Will Determine Bob McDonnell's Sentence