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Why White Collar Investigations Take So Long

The Criminalization of Politics, Obstruction, and Trump: A Reply to Professor Dershowitz

Trump, Clinton, and the Russia Dossier: Fallacies and False Comparisons

Mueller Monday: Breaking Down the Charges and Looking Ahead

The Menendez Trial and the Future of Bribery

September Madness: The Problem with the NCAA Basketball Corruption Case

The Limits of Friendship: Menendez Trial Update

What to Watch For at the Bob Menendez Trial

Sheldon Silver, Bob McDonnell, and the Sorry State of Public Corruption Law

Yes, Colluding With Russians to Interfere with the Election Is a Crime

Trump and Obstruction: What Alan Dershowitz Gets Wrong

Update: No Charges To Be Filed Against Former Oregon Governor and First Lady

Lying on a Security Clearance Form: The Crime of False Statements

Michael Flynn Took the Fifth - So What Happens Now?

Did President Trump Obstruct Justice? A Prosecution Analysis

Charging Foreign Officials Who Take Bribes with Conspiracy to Violate the FCPA

Why Bob McDonnell Won't Save Bob Menendez

Michael Flynn's Immunity Request: What it Means and How Immunity Works

Supreme Court Allows Challenges to Jury Deliberations Based on Evidence of Racial Bias

Why Jeff Sessions Is Unlikely To Face Perjury Charges

Emoluments Clause Violations as a Conspiracy to Defraud the United States

Judge Gorsuch, White Collar Crime, and the Legacy of Justice Scalia

Selling Access: President Trump, Corruption, and the Legacy of Bob McDonnell

Update: California Appeals Court Overturns Ban on Use of Grand Juries in Police Deadly Force Cases